ECO Package

ECO Package: $230

With many customers looking for a bare bones simplistic version of my signature level work, something that was more focused on general function over aesthetics. Customers were looking for line of work that didn’t sacrifice the quality you’ve come to expect from Gadsden Gun Works yet offers quality work at more of an Economical price point. Thus the ECO package was born. Coming in at $230 with free return shipping. The ECO package address all the ergonomic speed bumps in each Make and model.

The ECO package is available for Glock, Smith and Wesson, CZ P10 and CZ P07, HK Vp9, and SIG grip modules. In an attempt to keep the cost down, the ECO package does not have same refined and deep recessed borders as my Signature series work. The ECO package still has clean edge lines, just not the labor intensive and time consuming recessed borders as my signature work. You get the same great texture, and the modifications are functional, they just aren’t as refined as the signature level work when polishing and detailed sculpting is concerned. Any add on or modification done to a ECO package will be done as a ECO grade of refinement. No frills, just all function. With the package being a set price, you can now include a check, or money order in with your paper work. Make checks payable to Zack Wagnon. Or we can still handle payment via PayPal once your firearm arrives.

What Comes Standard?

The ECO Package comes standard with the following, when applicable:

  • Finger grooves removed
  • A single trigger guard under cut.
  • Textured trigger guard flat.
  • Textured index pads.
  • Available in either full tang texture or smooth tang. (Glocks only)
  • A mag release bevel will be added all Gen 3 Glocks
  • Material removed when and where necessary to create a comfortable ergonomic grip angle on all makes and models.
  • Each model will be finished off in our medium texture. It’s by far our most popular and it’s plenty grippy, but carries against bare skin comfortably.


Print this order form out and make sure all pages with a signature/date field on them are signed and dated before you ship the forms with your gun. To ensure that you can view and print the order form, please make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader installed. To download the newest version, go here.