Q: Will you fix a bad stipple job or work on a frame someone has previously worked on?

No, we will not. There’s too much liability to our name and reputation taking on a project not knowing what was first done to it. You never know when someone has screwed something up and covered it up. We’re not willing to risk our name on that. So we only work on virgin frames.

Q: Do you work on other guns besides Glocks, CZs, and M&P?

No. In an effort to keep our skills as sharp as possible, we concentrate on perfecting the three most common polymer pistols in the world.

Q: What is your turnaround time?

It is hard to predict turnaround time. As a standard we quote 4 weeks, but depending on workload sometimes we can group guns together and turn them out faster. We try to keep the expected turnaround time posted on social media.

Q: How do I ship my gun?

UPS or Fedex Overnight or through your local FFL.

Q: Who is responsible for the return shipping?

The customer will be. At the completion of the project, the customer will be billed for the work performed and the return shipping charges on the final invoice.

Q: How do you accept payment?

Check, money order, PayPal information will be on your final invoice. Once payment is cleared, your project will ship.

Q: What do you need when I ship?

Include all the signed paperwork (order form, waiver, copy of driver’s license) along with your pistol.

Q: What textures and layouts do you offer?

We offer only one standard layout and texture. The texture is available in two finishes: medium and carry. The outline and layout may vary slightly from frame to frame or model to model, but we here at Gadsden Gun Works want to keep a standard that is clearly recognizable, so we do not stray from our designs and layouts that you see posted here on the site.

Q: I like So-and-So shop's work, will you replicate it?

No. If you like that shop’s work you should send a frame to them. We respect our peers and will not willingly copy any other shop’s work

Q: Do you offer slide work or cerakote?

Not currently. Frame work is all the services we offer.

Q: Do you do expedited services?

Yes, your project can be rushed to the top and completed ahead of schedule, for an expedited fee. Keep in mind, these expedited projects will be completed at night, after hours, after my normal work load is finished as to not take away from other clients. These factors, along with current workload, will determine the fee. Contact me via email if you need a rushed project.

*Note: the expedited service fee is $100 on top of invoice cost.

Q: Do you offer any discounts

A: Yes, I offer a military and LEO discount of 10%. Just include a copy of your credentials with your order.

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