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  • Medium Texture
  • Carry Texture
  • Remove Finger Grooves
  • Leave Finger Grooves

Texture Styles

We’ve developed a texture we feel is the best combination of all key elements in a modified frame. First and foremost is grip. Think of the texture much like the tread on a mud tire. The traction and grip come from the spacing of high and low ridges, rather than from the sharp “sticky” feeling you get from other texture methods. We’re carry-minded individuals, so even our most aggressive texture can be carried comfortably. After texture is applied, it is then finished off to do away with all sharp edges, instead you have a smooth and polished finish to the texture. The texture is available in 2 styles: medium and carry. The medium is by in large the favorite of most clients. The carry texture is a combination of medium texture on the front and back straps of the grip in the key areas with a less aggressive texture on the areas in contact with the shooter during concealed carry.

Shooter-Specific Add On Options

(not offered as stand alone services, must be in conjunction with the Basic Package)

Full Grip Reduction: $125

This modification actually cuts the grip apart, alters the grip angle, then is all seamlessly blended back together. The Full grip also includes an integrated speed ramp, it’s used for both structural integrity and extra bonding power for seamlessly welding the pieces back together. This reductions offers the smallest grip possible on Glocks.

*Not available on 42/43 or SF models.

Grip Chop: $125

This modification is the process of cutting down a full-size frame to a compact size, or cutting down a compact to a subcompact frame size. Example: Cut a 17 to a 19. Cut a 19 to a 26. This modification allows the gun to retain the shoot-ability of a larger slide while having the conceal ability of a smaller frame.

As part of every grip chop, we build an integrated speed ramp into the magwell.

Glove Bevel: $95

Ideal for gloved shooters as this modification increases the room inside the trigger guard and relieves the area just rear of the trigger. This also aids a small-handed shooter in gaining greater access to the trigger face. This also bevels and polishes the area just above the trigger itself for a more comfortable shooting experience, rather than the hard blocky edges the Glock is known for.

Basic Grip Reduction: $95

Greatly reduces “Glock hump” on the backstrap. This makes for a more ergonomic and straight grip angle. This is most noticeable on subcompacts and compacts, but beneficial to all frames.

Gen 4 Only Backstrap Blending: $75

Permanently molding any Gen 4 backstrap into a frame for a smooth seamless look. Beavertail backstraps must be blended using the full tang texture.

Note: you will not be charged for the full tang texture, just know that the beavertail must be a full tang texture to be blended properly.

Pictured: This is the beaver tail backstrap shown here, but this modification can be done with all size backstraps.

Mag Release Bevel: $50

(Not Available on Gen 4)

Only available on Gen 3 Glocks. Not available on SF models. This modification creates a recess around the mag release. This gives the feel and accessibility of an extended mag release without actually having the extended mag release sticking out farther than the frame itself.

Polished and Tapered Tang: $50

This is where we taper in the sides and essentially lift the hight of the tang slightly.  This acts in a way much like the glove bevel as it reduces the blocky feel, but it also will close down the over all circumference of the grip in the tang area for small handed shooters. Tapering and polishing the tang, in conjunction with the glove bevel, and a grip reduction will give you the smallest, tightest grip circumference possible. Ideal for lady shooters

Combat Cuts: $50

A notch is cut into the sides of the magwell. This provides access to grip and rip out a jammed magazine should a malfunction occur. Beneficial anytime a mag won’t drop free due to training in muddy, sandy, or less than ideal conditions.

Full Tang Texture: $45

This option carries the texturing all the way up the tang into the web of the shooters hand. This area also receives extra TLC and is polished and sanded to ensure there’s enough grip there but not overly aggressive.

Integrated Speed Ramp: $45

Our integrated speed ramp is a contoured ramp built into the back of the magwell that aids in a smooth mag insertion.

*This modification comes standard as part of a Grip Chop.

Textured Grip Extensions: $35

We will match texture on most plus one or plus two plastic or polymer magazine extensions. In some cases, textures can be added to other accessories, make a note on the order form.

Basic Index Points: $45

Recessed and textured reference points on the forward frame flats just in front of the take down lever.

Gas Pedal Index Points: $65

Recessed and textured reference points on the forward frame flats just in front of the take down lever.

Textured Trigger Guard: $50

This modification bevels the sides of the trigger guard and contours the flat itself to leave a textured “bubble” to wrap your support hand around. The extra bit of traction both aids in grip, and as just a reference point.

Beveled Trigger Guard Flat: $50

The beveled trigger guard flat does just that, it bevels  the squared edges of the trigger guard flat to a smooth polished 45 degree bevel. This allows the support hand a comfortable position as well as offering a clean polished detail to the trigger guard. 

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