Eco Package

With many customers looking for a bare bones simplistic version of my signature level work, something that was more focused on general function over aesthetics. Customers were looking for line of work that didn’t sacrifice the quality you’ve come to expect from Gadsden Gun Works yet offers quality work at more of an Economical price point. Thus the ECO package was born. Coming in at $230 with free return shipping. The ECO package address all the ergonomic speed bumps in each Make and model.

Glock Package

The Glock Package comes standard with hand carved recessed border, 360 degree texture in either medium, fine, or carry texture. A single polished undercut and beveled trigger guard flat is also standard with the Glock package. you will also need to elect to leave or remove finger grooves. If not noted in the options, by default the texture will be medium and the finger grooves will be removed if not selected elsewhere.

M&P/Shield Package

The M&P/Shield line of pistols have great overall ergonomics so the platform doesn’t lend itself too well to extreme modification. Though, there isn’t a laundry list of enhancements like it’s polymer cousin, the Glock, there are still a few improvements to be made.

CZ Package

Available for P-10 Series & P-07 Series

Much like the Smith & Wessons, The CZ P-Series of pistols are an ergonomically sound platform from the factory. We only recommend a full frame texture, and textured index points where the factory texture is.

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