Smith & Wesson Package

Smith & Wesson Package


M&P/Shield Grip Enhancement: $275

The M&P / Shield line of pistols have great overall ergonomics so the platform doesn’t lend itself too well to extreme modification, but there are still a few improvements to be made. Our M&P / Shield Basic Package follows the factory lines for a clean OEM look. Texture will be surrounded by polished and hand cut recessed borders to ensure a clean, detailed, almost factory look. We also include a single polished undercut. There isn’t as much material to have to cut away like a Glock, so our main goal here is to relieve as much as possible while retaining structural integrity, remove the factory textured area and polish for a smooth, comfortable shooting experience.

M&P / SHIELD Shooter-Specific Enhancements

In addition to our standard grip enhancement package, some shooters may elect to have further modifications.
Select all that apply.

Beaver Tail Removal: $65

Some shooters find the factory over exaggerated beavertail to be a bit much. Causing issues while carrying, shooting, and some simply just don’t care for the look. Select this option to have the beaver tail reduced to nearly flush with the back of the slide.

Textured Index Points: $50

Recessing and texturing a reference point on both sides of the frame just forward of the takedown lever.

Magazine Release Mod: $50

There is no room for a true mag release bevel to be performed on the M&P / Shield. However, to achieve a similar result, the small rib located just behind the mag release button can be removed and brought down flush to the frame. This allows easier access to the mag release. In addition to the rib being removed, the button itself will be slightly altered for a smooth and more comfortable feel.

Texturing Extra Backstraps: $35/piece

For $35 a piece, we will texture any customer supplied backstraps.

Texturing Shield grip sleeves: $35/ piece

Texturing the factory magazine grip sleeve to match the frame.

Textured Trigger Guard Flat: $50


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